The importance of roofing in tenant work

new curb installation project on TPO roof

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The importance of roofing in tenant work

Tenants moving in or increasing the size of their space is a frequent event for building owners and property managers. Even though most of the changes to the building associated with these events are to the inside of the building, the importance of the roofing aspects of the changes cannot be overlooked or downplayed.

Most tenant changes involve changes to the mechanical systems servicing the space. New fans, HVAC units, split systems, and vents on, or through the roof are usually part of tenant work. These changes are not visually front and center to a project and are many times not completely shown or detailed on the project drawings. They are none the less critical to the project.

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Proper roof flashing

M. Gottfried, Inc. will properly flash and seal roof penetrations and repair the existing roof system when old items are removed.

Improperly flashed rooftop items may start off watertight, but, over time they will fail. This results in water leaking into the new space, items getting water damaged, the new tenant becoming unhappy and the building owner/property manager/tenant having increased costs to fix the roof and the interior.

M. Gottfried, Inc. pays as much attention to the water-tightness and detailing of the roof items as others will to the more often seen work occurring inside the new space. Using proper materials and manufacturer’s approved details when performing tenant roofing work is critical to a water-tight project. This also allows us to maintain existing roof warranties.


Our tenant work projects are done properly and professionally because we are licensed by most of the major roofing manufacturers and our employees are kept up to date on the latest techniques and proper detailing, . M. Gottfried, Inc.’s knowledge as well as our attention to detail make us a perfect match to perform your tenant’s roofing changes.

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