Roofing Maintenance and Repair

Experts in Roof System Maintenance and Repair from Stamford, CT

We are licensed by most of the major roofing manufacturers and have years of experience installing the most widely-used roofing systems. We ensure that the proper materials for your system are used and applied following the manufacturer’s instructions. Rely on our experts in roof system maintenance to trace the source of water leaks or conditions that may cause future water damage.

Roof Repair

There are many different roofing systems and materials on the market today. Roof system maintenance involves knowing the right products so that the repair is compatible with your existing roof’s material. Improper materials used for patching may be less expensive – but eventually, they will fail and possibly lead to the leak reoccurring and cause more damage. M. Gottfried, Inc.’s repair service experts quickly identify the source of a problem and know which materials to use, making us the preferred choice of many property owners throughout the region. We are happy to provide quotes for individual roof repairs. We also offer on-call roof repair based on time and materials used.

Roof Maintenance

Proper roofing maintenance and repair is essential to keep a roof performing at its highest potential. Our trained experts can inspect and evaluate your roofing system, locate any damage, and determine what needs to be fixed. Roof maintenance is available as a one-time job or with periodic inspections. A general preventive maintenance program will ensure that damage or age-related issues are identified and repaired before they cause problems.

We understand that a roof leak can create many problems for an owner, regardless of the size of the property.  Individual property owners, office and industrial parks, medical facilities, school systems, towns, and cities have used our services. They value our ability to find and repair their problem quickly and correctly.

Rely on M. Gottfried, Inc. to recommend and perform necessary and preventative maintenance to maintain the integrity of your roofing system.

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