Roofing Maintenance and Repair

M. Gottfried, Inc. has been performing roof maintenance and repair work in Southern Connecticut and Westchester County New York since 1946. We are known for our quality work and attention to detail. As a full-service roofing, waterproofing and architectural sheet metal company, we can provide assistance to you no matter what stage of life your building is in.

Years of experience installing, replacing and repairing roofing systems have given us insight into what causes roof leaks, how to repair them and how to prevent them from occurring.

We perform inspections for repairs and  maintenance work on single ply roofs, built-up-roofs, modified bitumen roofs, metal roofs, etc.

Repairs and maintenance to a roof gooseneck
Repairing a leaking gooseneck

Probing crack in modified bitumen roof for leak
Probing crack in
modified bitumen roof
for leak

fishmouth in vent flashing marked for maintnenace and repair
Opening in flashing found in
maintenance inspection


Have us look at your roof, find your leaks,  perform a maintenance inspection, and provide a quote to stop your leaks and keep your roofing system at peak performance.

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Experts in Roof System Maintenance and Repair from Stamford, CT

We have years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining the most widely-used roofing systems. Some of the roofing systems we specialize in are EPDM, TPO PVC and Modified Bitumen roofing systems.

We are licensed by most of the major roofing manufacturers, including Carlisle, JM, Firestone, GAF, Soprema, Tremco, Fibertite, Garland, etc. We ensure that the proper materials for your system are used and applied following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Our technicians will know what to look for on your roofing system whether you need leaks repaired, or are interested in taking the steps necessary to keep your roof in top shape or extend its life through maintenance.  Rely on our experts in roof system maintenance to trace the source of water leaks or conditions that may cause future water damage.

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Roof Repair

Found hole in EPDM roof
Found hole in EPDM roof

EPDM membrane pulled away from the wall
EPDM membrane pulled away
from the wall allowing water
to enter the building


Opening in penetration pocket
Penetration pocket filler shrank,
causing leaks

Broken expansion joint and base flashing on a graveled BUR
Broken expansion joint
and holes in base flashing

There are many different roofing systems and materials on the market today. Properly repairing a roof system involves knowing the right products so that the repair is compatible with your existing roof’s material.

Improper materials used for patching may be less expensive – but eventually, they will fail and possibly lead to the leak reoccurring and cause more damage.

M. Gottfried, Inc.’s repair service experts quickly identify the source of a problem and know which materials to use, making us the preferred choice of many property owners throughout the region. We are happy to provide quotes for individual roof repairs, or come out and perform the work on a time and material basis.

We understand that a roof leak can create many problems for an owner, regardless of the size of the property.  Individual property owners, office and industrial parks, medical facilities, school systems, towns, and cities use our services. They value our ability to find and repair their problem quickly and correctly.

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Roof Maintenance

Failing EPDM corner flashing is a leak potential
Failing EPDM corner is
a potential leak source

Repaired EPDM corner flashing
Corner is properly patched
and repaired heading off
a potential leak


Open laps can be fixed by our roof repair and maintenance programs
Open lap in EPDM roof
found to be causing a leak
during a maintenance inspection

Roof repair in Stamford, CT - open lap in EPDM repair- after
Cleaned, trimmed, sealed and
overlaid section of open lap,
to stop leak and
repair other potential issues.

A general preventive maintenance program will ensure that damage or age-related issues are identified and repaired before they cause problems.

Proper roof maintenance  is essential to keep a roof performing at its highest potential. Our trained experts inspect and evaluate your roofing system, locate any damage, and determine what needs to be fixed. We generate a report that describes our maintenance suggestions and a proposal to perform the maintenance work.  Roof maintenance is available as a one-time job or with periodic inspections.

Rely on M. Gottfried, Inc. to recommend and perform necessary and preventative maintenance to maintain the integrity of your roofing system.

Head off costly repairs and replacements due to roof leaks, start your roof maintenance program today. Call us at: 203-323-8173   

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Our maintenance and repair work is also performed on metal flashing, edging and metal roofs

Roof maintenance on this building in Stamford CT includes caulking metal flashing at window and shelf below metal panels
Metal flashing needs caulking
at window and shelf below
metal panel to stop a leak

holes in copper flashing can cause leaks
Holes in copper flashing may be
causing leaks

Our knowledge of roof maintenance and repair not only involves understanding how your flat roof works but also how the architectural sheet metal work, the perimeter edge systems and sloped metal roofing, connects and interacts with it.  Leaks can originate in the metal trim, edging, counterflashing, or metal roofs. Water can then travel down and appear to come from under the flat roof.

Our thorough inspections will not only concentrate on the flat roof, but will also look at the metal details to see if they are in need of repair.  M. Gottfried, Inc. has a full architectural sheet metal shop, and can fabricate custom copper, aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless metal flashings and roofs.

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Hire M. Gottfried Inc. to perform roof repair and maintenance work in a few different ways.

  1. On-call or per-call roofing repair work can be performed on a time and material basis.
  2. Roofing repair or maintenance estimates can be provided to property owner or manager after we visit the site and perform a preliminary inspection.
  3. Roof maintenance contracts. Roof maintenance work can be performed on a yearly contract that specifies how many trips per year, what is included in the maintenance visit, and what would require additional work and costs.

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