Reroofing & metal roof restoration project – Westport, CT

Finished EPDM roof and metal restoration in Westport CT

M. Gottfried, Inc. has just completed a reroofing & metal roof restoration project on an office building in Westport, CT.

The flat roof portion was reroofed using tapered insulation and a Fully Adhered Carlisle EPDM roofing system. The tapered insulation eliminated the water ponding issues of the previous roof. The insulation also increased the roofing systems insulating value.

The metal roof came down very low on the flat roof. This lack of membrane flashing height caused ice dam issues and leaks in the winter time. To correct this issue we cut the bottom of the metal roof panels to allow for more membrane flashing height. The joint of the membrane roof and metal roof was then detailed to prevent water back-ups.

The Owner is also planning on installing a solar panel system on the metal roof. Accordingly, to help preserve and extend the life of the metal roof, we applied an Astec multi-layer coating system to the metal roof.

Our roofing and coating work is now complete and the Owner is ready to move on to the next phase of his remodeling project.

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