Sheet Metal Specialists

Sheet Metal & Metal Roofing Specialists from Stamford, CT

As metal roofing specialists from Stamford, CT, we install metal systems from many manufacturers – Petersen Aluminum, Atas, Imetco, Rheinzink, etc., to name a few. In addition, our in-house sheet metal shop allows us to custom-form metalwork to suit your exact requirements.

Metal can be used as the finishing feature at the top of your structure or as an accent on setbacks or dormers. Whether you would like to have an intricate bay window or a soaring metal roof, our experts will take care of the detailed work to make your feature beautiful, and watertight too!

Metal Roofing Products

Metal roofing and flashing can enhance the appeal and value of a property, making a bold architectural statement. Sheet metal roofing comes in many styles, profiles, materials, and colors. Architectural sheet metal flashing and trim can enhance the appearance and style of your property. We help you choose the product that suits your style and budget.

It is essential to understand that a metal roof not only makes a visual statement but it must also keep water out of your building. Our sheet metal workers have installed and fabricated many systems and are trained in metal works and roofing techniques. Combining these skills ensures that your metal residential or commercial roofing system will give you the visual impact you desire and keep you dry.

Trim and Edge Metal

Sheet metalwork also plays an integral part in the perimeter of a flat roof system. Whether the building has a parapet wall or flat edge detail, the fabrication and installation of the metal will have a significant impact on the roofing system’s performance.

We are experienced sheet metal contractors and are familiar with the proper gauge thickness, locking cleats, and connecting plates to ensure edgings are watertight and remain in place when faced with challenging weather conditions. M. Gottfried, Inc. is also experienced in installing manufactured wind-rated edge systems.

Thru-Wall Metal Flashing

Concealed metalwork is just as important as perimeter metal. Thru-wall metal flashing is built into wall structures – to help guide water away from the walls – keeping water out of a building.

Our custom metal shop can fabricate various profiles to suit your wall construction. Our sheet metal specialists are highly skilled experts in soldering and joining the metalwork. We also install cavity waterproofing along with the metal to guide water out of the building.

Metal Roofing Accessories

M. Gottfried, Inc. can also install the accessories for the metal roof installation. Snow guards and snow rails are often installed in our region. Gutters and leaders can also be added to your roofing system whether it is for a sloped metal roof or as part of the drainage system for a flat roof. We have access to many styles, shapes, colors, and materials for these items. Book a consultation today to go over design ideas.

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