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M. Gottfried, Inc. has been performing flat roof maintenance in locations throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties in Connecticut as well as parts of  Westchester County in New York since 1946. We are known for our quality work and attention to detail. As a full-service roofing company  we can provide assistance to you no matter what stage of life your building is in.

Years of experience installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing roofing systems have given us insight into what items cause roof leaks, how to address the problems found them and how to maintain the roof to protect the building’s interior.

We perform flat roof maintenance in many locations in Southwestern CT

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During our inspections we will find holes, nicks, flashings that are open or starting to open, etc., Some of these items may be causing leaks, others may not, but if left unrepaired will start to leak in the future. By having a maintenance inspection and performing the recommended work, these items will be sealed and not turn into leaks. Less leaks mean less tenant headaches, interior water damage repair, water damaged equipment replacement, etc. – regular maintenance will therefore cut down on your operating costs.

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The importance of flat roof maintenance

Roof maintenance is an often overlooked and delayed service performed on a building. Many do not see a roof as something that needs to be maintained or something that affects the comfort of tenants like an HVAC system, lighting, plumbing or even landscaping… until it is to late.

When a leak occurs, no property manager or building owner will say that their tenant is not affected. All of a sudden that forgotten building system takes on great urgency and importance.

A roof needs to be thought of like any other building system. It needs periodic inspection, repairs and maintenance. M Gottfried, Inc. will identify aging flashing details, unintentional roof damage, and environmental related issues or failing flashing details to prevent leaks before they start and cause damage.

New roofs need maintenance too! They are exposed to storms, all types of heat and cold related stresses and foot traffic from service people. New roofs may not require as much maintenance as aging or older systems, but by inspecting them and performing needed maintenance and repairs, an owner can get the longest life possible out of their roof.

M. Gottfried. Inc. is a professional commercial roofing contractor with over 75 years of experience. We perform roof maintenance and repair work on single ply roofs, built-up-roofs, modified bitumen roofs, metal roofs, etc. We will come to your property, diagnose any roofing problems, discuss beneficial preventative maintenance, and expertly perform the repair and maintenance work.

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We are a flat roof maintenance contractor located near you

Our facility is located in Fairfield County and our employees live throughout Southern Connecticut. This enables us to service our customers in a timely fashion. Being part of the communities we work in means we go that extra step to give our clients – our neighbors – the extra care and attention. We want to minimize the downtime, damage and inconvenience roof leaks or roof issues can cause and keep our clients up and running.

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We will use the right materials to perform your flat roof maintenance

There are many different roofing systems and materials on the market today. Properly maintaining a roof system involves knowing the right products so that the repair is compatible with your existing roof’s material. M. Gottfried, Inc. is licensed by Carlisle, Firestone, JM, GAF and many of the other major roofing manufacturer’s systems. This makes  M. Gottfried, Inc. the choice to clear choice to repair your roof.

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Improper materials used for patching may be less expensive – but eventually,
they will fail and possibly lead to the leak reoccurring and cause more damage.

M. Gottfried, Inc.’s maintenance service experts quickly identify the source of a problem and know which materials to use, making us the preferred choice of many property owners throughout the region. We are happy to provide quotes for full roof maintenance, individual roof repairs.

We understand that a roof leak can create many problems for an owner, regardless of the size of the property.  Proper preventative roof maintenance can identify potential leak points and seal them before problems start. Proper preventative roof maintenance can also extend the life of your roof. Individual property owners, office and industrial parks, medical facilities, school systems, towns, and cities use our services. They value our ability to maintain their roofs and find and repair their problems quickly and correctly.

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measuring and inspecting for flat roof maintenance proposal

A general preventive maintenance program ensures that damage or age-related issues are identified and repaired before they cause problems.

Proper roof maintenance  is essential to keep a roof performing at its highest potential. Our trained experts inspect and evaluate your roofing system, locate any damage, and determine what needs to be fixed. We generate a report that describes our maintenance suggestions and a proposal to perform the maintenance work.  Roof maintenance is available as a one-time job or with periodic inspections.

Rely on M. Gottfried, Inc. to recommend and perform necessary and preventative maintenance to maintain the integrity of your roofing system.

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Hire M. Gottfried Inc. to perform your flat roof maintenance

M. Gottfried, Inc. can be hired to perform roof repairs in a few different ways..

  1. On-call or per-call roofing repair work can be performed on a time and material basis.
  2. Roofing repair or maintenance estimates can be provided to property owner or manager after we visit the site and perform a preliminary inspection.
  3. Roof maintenance contracts. We can perform roof maintenance work on a yearly contract that specifies how many trips per year, what is included in the maintenance visit, and what would require additional work and costs.

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