Bituthene below grade waterproofing

From damp proofing to large-scale under-slab systems to wall and plaza deck projects, M. Gottfried, Inc. professionals are skilled and knowledgeable in all the commercial waterproofing systems your architect or consultant may choose. we are licensed by many major waterproofing system manufacturers such as GCP (W. R. Grace), Hydrotech, Carlisle (CCW), Henry and Cetco. We bring the same detailed attention to our deck and foundation services as we do to our roofing services.

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Below grade commercial waterproofing

Below grade waterproofing includes under slab and wall waterproofing systems. There are also underslab vapor barrier and wall dampproofing systems where water is not as great a concern. Which system is used depends on the soil and water conditions as well as the project locations. The project’s architect or waterproofing consultant will look at the conditions and geological test results and determine the proper system and type of product for the project.

Proper foundation and under-slab membranes and coatings are often short-changed in a construction project – which can become a costly mistake for a building owner if dampness or leaks appear in their basements or below-grade tenant space.

We work closely with engineers to ensure their design is carried out as instructed. Having M. Gottfried, Inc. install a strong, durable commercial grade system from the start keeps below-grade space dry and avoids the “after the fact” headaches that become necessary to stop foundation leaks.

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Underslab commercial style waterproofing

Preprufe underslab waterproofing system
Preprufe underslab waterproofing system

Preprufe underslab waterproofing project
Preprufe underslab waterproofing system

CETCO bentonite below grade waterproofing
Bentonite below grade waterproofing system

Underslab waterproofing keeps ground water coming up from underneath the slab and getting into the building. It is used in conditions with high water tables, areas by bodies of water that may rise, etc., It is like putting a roof on the bottom of your building! Proper detailing and product choice are very important in underslab waterproofing.  Once the concrete is poured you can no longer easily get to the membrane. Depending on the water threat, each system has different details. M. Gottfried, Inc. works will work closely with your consultant, architect and the manufacturer to make sure your job meets all the requirements.

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Commercial foundation waterproofing

Bituthene foundation waterproofing
Bituthene foundation waterproofing tied into a Preprufe underslab membrane

Bituthene wall waterproofing project
Bituthene below grade waterproofing project

Foundation wall waterproofing also comes in many different types. There are also products for foundation dampproofing.  Dampproofing is intended to keep out soil moisture while waterproofing keeps out both moisture and liquid water. Your architect or waterproofing consultant will choose the correct type of system after reviewing the geological and site surveys.

Don’t skimp on your your below grade system – they can be costly and problematic to fix or replace if you don’t have the right system for your ground conditions, or if you “value engineer” to a lesser system without considering the geological and ground surveys.

We will work closely with your engineers to ensure their design is carried out as instructed. Our  trained and skilled technicians will expertly install whichever foundation wall waterproofing system your design team chooses.

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Above grade commercial  waterproofing

Plaza Deck and Roof Deck Waterproofing

Bituthene deck membrane system
Bituthene deck membrane system

Bituthene deck membrane
Bituthene deck membrane system

M Gottfried, Inc. also installs plaza deck or roof deck membranes. Depending on its substrate and location, deck systems can be installed using a roofing product or below-grade waterproofing products.

Deck waterproofing coverings 

IPE wood paver installation
IPE wood paver installation
Norwalk, CT

Concrete paver installation
Concrete paver deck installation
Stamford, CT

We can install  a paver system on top of a deck – such as Hanover or Westile concrete paver system or Bison Ipe wood paver system. We also install green roofs. Consult with our waterproofing experts about specifications or aesthetics – we can help you choose the right deck system for your property.

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Interior commercial style waterproofing

Interior garage waterproofing over occupied space
Interior garage waterproofing over occupied space

Inside pool room waterproofing
Inside pool room waterproofing

Waterproofing doesn’t only have to be on the outside of your building. If you have occupied space below areas that can get wet if the area above gets wet, like below a pool or garage, a waterproofing system may be appropriate. Interior waterproofing can also be used to keep moisture from reaching other areas of the building. This may be the case in a room with an indoor pool. In all interior applications, it is imperative to have these systems properly designed by your architect or engineer to ensure that the waterproofing works along with the ventilation and mechanical systems to achieve the required result.

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