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measuring roof for replacement

M. Gottfried, Inc. provides commercial roofing services to locations throughout the southern CT Region

M. Gottfried, Inc. has been performing commercial roofing services to locations in the southern CT region since 1946. We are known for our quality work and attention to detail. As a full-service roofing, waterproofing and architectural sheet metal company, we can provide assistance to you no matter what stage of life your building is in.

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As experts in waterproofing, new roofing installations, roof replacement, roofing maintenance and roofing repair, we can service your building throughout its life. We can take your building from the ground up. Firstly comes foundation waterproofing or dampproofing, then through-wall sheet-metal flashing as the building rises. To top it off we can install any one of a variety of new roofing systems.  After construction we can maintain and service the roofing system. Finally, after many years we can reroof the property and start the cycle again.

From your buildings inception and throughout its life, turn to M. Gottfried for roofing, sheet metal, and foundation waterproofing. With our knowledgeable and attentive staff, we strive to provide the community with what it has come to expect from us – prompt, reliable, and professional service with the highest quality job ethics.

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… I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for a superb job done by your crews”


New commercial construction roofing

White EPDM new construction roofing services

M. Gottfried Inc. is the reliable professional to call to install the roof for your new construction project. Some of the roofing systems we specialize in are EPDM, TPO PVC and Modified Bitumen roofing systems. We are licensed by most of the major roofing manufacturers, including Carlisle, JM, Firestone, GAF, Soprema, Tremco, Fibertite, Garland, etc. This means we can easily meet your architects’ or roof consultants’ specification and provide you with the best roofing system to fit your needs. Just as important as meeting the flat roofing aspect of your project is the architectural sheet metal work involved in the perimeter edge systems and sloped metal roofing that your project may entail. In addition to installing prefabricated metal roof and edge systems from a wide range of manufacturers, M. Gottfried, Inc. has a full architectural sheet metal shop, and can fabricate custom copper, aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless metal flashings and roofs.

See a list of our State licenses, roofing organizations and approved manufacturers→

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Existing commercial buildings

Proper slope is difficult to achieve on congested roofs
A congested and difficult reroofing project
successfully completed

Commercial roofing services -EPDM reroofing in progress
An EPDM reroofing project
in Stamford, CT

M. Gottfried, Inc. can help you choose, then install the right reroofing system at the end of your building’s current roof’s life.

We are often asked, “do you have a square foot price for reroofing?”

We feel that each building is different. They have different uses, different rooftop equipment quantities and configurations, different perimeter conditions, different existing roof systems, etc.  M. Gottfried, Inc. takes all these items into consideration when providing a reroofing estimate. Our goal is to provide the building owner with an expertly installed roofing system that fits the property’s needs and design and carries a full manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have retained a roof consultant, architect, or other roof design professional we can provide a quotation based on their design. We have worked for property owners in Stamford, CT that have design professionals provide drawings and specifications, and then have them on-site to watch and inspect our reroofing installation.


… I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for a superb job done by your crews”

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Tenant changes to your commercial roof

Tenant fit-out and mechanical upgrades cause changes to your roofing system.

New curbs and roof section commercial roofing added for tenant work
New roof addition and mechanical curbs
added for a tenant renovation

Commerical roofing services tenant duct and sleepers added to an EPDM roof
New duct and sleepers added
to an EPDM roof

M. Gottfried, Inc. will work along with the building owner or general contractor when interior  or mechanical system changes are made your building. Interior building changes from tenant fit-outs or mechanical system upgrades often affect the roofing of your Stamford, CT commercial property. When these projects occur, most, if not all of the attention is focused on the interior space or the mechanicals, but, often these changes involve roofing work.

Years of experience have given M. Gottfried, Inc. insight as to what roofing work is needed on these projects. Our highly trained roof technicians will keep your rooftop watertight as penetrations and curbs are removed or installed. We are licensed by most of the roofing manufacturers and will use the proper materials and details to maintain your roof warranty.

See our blog on the importance of roofing in tenant work→

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“Roof inspector will be out around 9:30-10 to walk the roof again. The roofing vendor you picked is one of his favorites! He said they do great work.””


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Commerical roof service inspection

Get Started with your commercial roofing project

To get your  commercial roofing project started, give us a call or send us an email. Once contacted we will:

  • Respond to your call and find out if you have a new construction project or an existing building that needs to be reroofed.
  • If your project is new construction we will ask you to email us your drawings or give us the link to download them. We have the capabilities to print all sizes of drawings in house.
  • If you have an existing building, we will ask for the details;
    1.   Address
    2.   Is there roof access or do we need ladders
    3.   Who is the site contact to see for a site inspections and what are their numbers
    4.   Will we be able to take a test cut of the roof to see the existing construction
    5.   What is a convenient date and time to come out and inspect and measure your roof
  • We then will do a take off of your drawings or the plan we have developed from the site visit, submit questions or RFI’s if we have any, discuss any issues we see with the manufacturers if needed, and put together a proposal for the roofing work.
  • Once we have provided you with a proposal we will follow up and answer any questions you may have about the roofing system,
    timing, and what to expect once the roofing starts.

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