Commercial roof maintenance inspection on an EPDM roof in Stratford

M. Gottfried, Inc. has been performing commercial roof maintenance in Stratford, CT since 1946. We are known for our quality work and attention to detail. As a full-service roofing, waterproofing and architectural sheet metal company, we can provide assistance to you no matter what stage of life your building is in.

A commercial roof maintenance contractor serving Stratford, CT

David Lederman discusses M Gottfried, Inc’s commercial roof maintenance

During our inspections we will find holes, nicks, flashings that are open or starting to open, etc., Some of these items may be causing leaks, others may not, but if left unrepaired will start to leak in the future. By having a maintenance inspection and performing the recommended work, these items will be sealed and not turn into leaks. Less leaks mean less tenant headaches, interior water damage repair, water damaged equipment replacement, etc. – regular maintenance will therefore cut down on your operating costs.

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  _”What impressed me most about your work is a dedication to install features nevertheless done according to best roofing practices listed in architectural specification for high performance flat roofs. Your people could have easily skimped on such costly refinements but have proceeded anyway to install what they considered to be the right professional solutions. For that you and your firm deserve the highest compliments.”


Roof maintenance protects your Stratford, CT commercial property investment

Failing EPDM corner flashing is a leak potential
Failing EPDM corner flashing found during
our inspection is a potential leak source

EPDM corner flashing repaired during roof maintenance in Stamford CT
Corner is properly patched and repaired
heading off a potential leak

roof maintenance repair in Stamford, CT - open EPDM lap causing leak
Open lap found in EPDM roof found to be
causing a leak during a maintenance inspection

Roof repair in Stamford, CT - open lap in EPDM repair- after
Cleaned and trimmed sealed and overlaid
section of open lap to stop leak and
repair other potential issues

Roof maintenance is crucial to keep your roof watertight and performing at its best. It doesn’t matter whether you have a new roof under a manufacturers warranty, a roof in the middle of its life, or a roof at the end of its life expectancy – regular roof maintenance is essential. M. Gottfried, Inc. will come to your property, inspect your roof and provide a report describing our maintenance recommendations. 

Having a preventative roof maintenance inspection can find problems before they turn into leaks.

As an example, we find holes in the roof made by servicemen, or debris blowing around on the roof, or piles of leaves and debris inhibiting drainage or blocking drains, or even openings in laps, flashings and terminations. Some of these can occur at any stage of a roof’s life.  In addition, leaks might not occur from the items immediately, but may take time to work through the roofing layers and insulation. By the time leaks appear, a larger repair may be needed.

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Commercial roof maintenance inspections

Our thorough maintenance inspections will identify urgent and potential problems in your Milford, CT roof

Found hole in EPDM roof
Found hole in EPDM roof

EPDM membrane pulled away from the wall
EPDM membrane pulled away from the
wall allowing water to enter the building

Opening in penetration pocket found during roof maintenance in Stamford CT
Penetration pocket filler shrunk
and caused a gap between
the filler and side

Broken expansion joint and base flashing on a graveled BUR
Broken expansion joint and
holes in base flashing on a

As seen in the pictures above, many roofing issues are found and brought to your attention during our maintenance inspections. Some of these things can be causing roof leaks, others may be ready to leak. M. Gottfried, Inc.’s attention to detail and knowledge of roofing systems make us a perfect fit for your roof maintenance needs.

Years of experience installing, replacing and repairing roofing systems have given us insight into what causes roof leaks, how to repair them and how to prevent them from occurring.

We perform maintenance inspections and maintenance work on single ply roofs, built-up-roofs, modified bitumen roofs, metal roofs, etc. M. Gottfried Inc. is licensed by most of the major roofing manufacturers. We use the proper products and details to repair and maintain your roofing system. If your roof is still under warranty, our repairs will follow all of the manufacturer’s requirements in order to maintain the warranty.

Answers to your questions on why roof maintenance is necessary even if you have a warranty


… Thank you for being such a good company. I received the below message from the client. I knew you were a good company. Now my client knows.

“Roof inspector will be out around 9:30-10 to walk the roof again. The roofing vendor you picked is one of his favorites! He said they do great work.””


M. Gottfried Inc. can be hired to perform roof maintenance in a couple of different ways.

  1. On-call or per-call roofing repair work can be performed on a time and material basis.
  2. Roofing repair estimates can be provided to property owner or manager after we visit the site and perform a preliminary inspection.
  3. Roof maintenance contracts. Roof maintenance work can be performed on a yearly contract that specifies how many trips per year, what is included in the maintenance visit, and what would require additional work and costs.

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… your quote to service the roof at — is accepted…you have done a great job maintaining the roof  for the building Owner…”


Our maintenance inspection also includes metal flashing, edging and metal roofs

Metal flashing needs caulking at window and shelf below metal panels
Metal flashing needs caulking at
window and shelf below metal
panels to stop a leak

holes in copper flashing can cause leaks
Holes in copper flashing may be
causing leaks

Commercial roof maintenance not only involves understanding how your flat roof works but also how the architectural sheet metal work, the perimeter edge systems and sloped metal roofing, connects and interacts with it.  Leaks can originate in the metal trim, edging, counterflashing, or metal roofs. Water can then travel down and appear to come from under the flat roof.

Our thorough inspections will not only concentrate on the flat roof, but will also look at the metal details to see if they are in need of repair.  M. Gottfried, Inc. has a full architectural sheet metal shop, and can fabricate custom copper, aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless metal flashings and roofs.

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We can perform roof maintenance on your commercial building in Stratford, CT regardless of the type or manufacturer

M. Gottfried Inc. is the reliable professional to call to maintain and repair your roof regardless of the type or manufacturer. Some of the roofing systems we specialize in are EPDM, TPO, PVC, Modified Bitumen and gravel surfaced Built-Up-Roofing systems. We are licensed by most of the major roofing manufacturers, including Carlisle, JM, Firestone, GAF, Soprema, Tremco, Fibertite, Garland, etc. This means we are knowledgeable about the proper detailing, materials and repair procedures for your roof.

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Get Started with a roof maintenance program for your Stratford, CT commercial property

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… I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for a superb job done by your crews”


FAQs about M. Gottfried, Inc. and commercial roof maintenance in Stratford, CT

We’re sure you have many questions about M. Gottfried, Inc., the roof repair process, and what to expect. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions.

How often do I need to do maintenance on my roof?

We recommend performing roof maintenance once in the fall after the leaves come down to find and correct any issues caused by the summer sun and storms, and then again in the spring after the leaves come out and winter and cold have had their go at the roof. Of course, you, the owner can determine how often maintenance is done. Some of the things that help determine the number of times maintenance visits should be scheduled are budget, interior use of the building, roof congestion and access by serviceman, building location.   

My roof leaks. Does that mean that I have to replace it?

No, lots of time we can repair leaks and your roof can last for many more years. M. Gottfried, Inc. can come to your property, inspect the roof for leaks, provide a proposal for the roof repairs. We can also evaluate your roof and determine a roof maintenance plan to keep your roof at peak performance, or, if the roof is at the end of its life span, develop a proposal for a new roof.

Do you work with general contractors?

Yes, depending on the project, we work with general contractors, construction managers, roof consultants, architects, or directly with a building owner.  

Do you do water tests?

Yes, depending on where the leaks are appearing, what we see in our inspection, if the leak is difficult to find or only shows in certain rains, then it may be necessary to perform a water test to track down the source of the leak. Sometimes, after repairing difficult leaks, or if the owner requests it, we can water test after the repair to make sure the leak was found and has stopped.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured and carry general liability, workers compensation, Auto, as well as other forms and types of insurance.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we have a State of Connecticut Major Contractors license, State of Connecticut Home Improvement license, and are prequalified with the state of Connecticut for major projects. 

What other licenses or certificates do you have?

We are certified by the State of Connecticut as a SBE, or Small Business Enterprise, and we have are a CERC, Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor

My building/project not only has a flat roof, but also a sloped roof. Can you do that too?

Yes, in additional to flat roofs, we also do slate, shingle and metal sloped roofs.

I have a house with a commercial style flat roof. Will you work on it?

Yes, we will bring the same quality and attention to detail that we do on our commercial projects to your residential flat roof.

I have a large property with multiple areas. Can roofing and maintenance be done in sections?

Breaking up a project into sections depends on layout and construction of the properties roof. Are there penthouses, expansion joints, different levels, etc., i.e. things that will form natural boundaries and  starting and stopping points? If so, we would be happy to come to your property and provide an estimate broken out by areas. 

See a list of our State licenses, roofing organizations and approved manufacturers→

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M. Gottfried, Inc. is your full service roofing contractor for the lifetime of your building in Stratford, CT.

M. Gottfried, Inc. is your Stamford full service roofing contactor. We can be part of the team in your initial building construction. As your building ages, we can provide roof maintenance and leak repair work to keep the system at its best. If you have tenant changes and/or need to make changes to your rooftop equipment, we can patch over removed items or flash new ones while maintaining your roof warranty. Finally, after many years and the roof has passed its life expectancy, we can reroof your building and provide a new manufacturer’s warranty and start the cycle all over again.

M. Gottfried, Inc. is the resource you can count on and trust to install and keep your buildings roofing system in peak performance  throughout its warranty period, on into the waning years of its expected life.

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