The importance of roofing in tenant work

Tenants moving in or increasing the size of their space is a frequent event for building owners and property managers. Even though most of the changes to the building associated with these events are to the inside of the building, the importance of the roofing aspects of these tenant work changes cannot be overlooked or […]

Reroofing congested area

Roofs in urban areas areas are often packed with units, duct-work and other equipment in a small area. This combined with sensitive equipment inside created a challenging situation for one of our reroofing projects. For this reroofing project, we not only had to deal with the removal and replacement of a congested roof area, but […]

Reroofing an office building in Stamford

M. Gottfried, Inc. is currently working on reroofing an office building in the south end of Stamford, CT. The building has two levels of penthouses and a main roof level. There was only one roof existing on the building previously, and the owner’s consultant specified a “go-over” reroof using a Fully Adhered GAF reinforced white […]

FAQ’s regarding roof maintenance and warranties

There are many misconceptions regarding roof maintenance and roof warranties.  Some building owners and property managers believe that once you install a new roof you do not to worry about for 10, 20 or even 30 years. Contrast that with the installation of a new HVAC system. The property manager has filters changed regularly, coolant and […]

Reroofing & metal roof restoration

M. Gottfried, Inc. has just completed a reroofing & metal roof restoration project on an office building in Westport, CT. The flat roof portion was reroofed using tapered insulation and a Fully Adhered Carlisle EPDM roofing system. The tapered insulation eliminated the water ponding issues of the previous roof. The insulation also increased the roofing […]