Roofing Organizations, State Licenses, Certifications, and Manufacturers

Roofing Organizations

M. Gottfried, Inc. feels it is important to keep current with the issues, trends and building codes that affect the roofing industry. We are members of regional trade associations that educate the region’s architects, consultants, builders and contractors and provide information to the public. Please feel free to visit and explore the resources these valuable roofing organizations provide.

State Licenses and Certifications

M. Gottfried, Inc. holds the following State of Connecticut licenses and certifications:

Environmental concerns have always been important to M. Gottfried, Inc. in our roofing practices. Accordingly, we have received training and are a “Certified Environmentally Responsible Contractor Certificate“. Our CERC certification # is 773004


M. Gottfried, Inc. is licensed to install many of the major manufacturers’ roofing and waterproofing systems. We have a deep knowledge of the components and benefits of their systems and products. This is used  to help you choose the proper system and material for your building or provide. It also enables us to expertly install the system specified by your architect or consultant. The manufacturers also provide valuable information on their systems to the consumer via their websites. Some of the manufacturers we work with are:

Flat Roofing

Carlisle                                                                • Firestone
Fibertite                                                              • Tremco
Soprema                                                              • GAF
Duro-last                                                             •  Garland
Siplast                                                                  •  Versico 

Metal Roofing and Metal Flashing

Pac-Clad (Petersen Aluminun)                       • Atas
Imetco                                                                  • Rheinzink
Uni-Clad  (Firestone)                                        •VM Zinc
Carlisle Metal Roofing
OMG Edge Systems (formerly Hickman Engineered Systems)
Metal-Era                                                             • Alpine Snow Guards

Waterproofing Systems

WR Grace                                                              • Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing (CCW)
Hydrotech                                                             • Henry
CETCO                                                                   • Laurenco Waterproofing




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