Sheet metal roof and flat roof project with architectural metal trim work

M. Gottfried, Inc. has been performing architectural sheet metal work since our founding. We started with metal ceilings and custom skylights as part of our roofing services back in 1946. Over the years as roofing has changed, architectural sheet metal has always remained a fundamental part of our roofing business. Our sheet metal specialists can integrate metal roofs, metal edge systems, skylight installation, custom through-wall flashings, etc., into your roofing project. Our field personnel are noted for their attention to detail and are experienced in dealing with complicated flashing conditions.  We install architectural sheet metal work on commercial new and reroofing projects of all sizes and types. No job is to small or to complicated.

Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing Specialists

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Our custom metal shop can fabricate various profiles to suit your buildings design. Metal can be used as the finishing feature at the top of your structure or as an accent on setbacks or dormers. Whether you would like to have an intricate bay window or a soaring metal roof, our experts will take care of the detailed work to make your feature beautiful, and watertight too!

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Metal Roofing

Metal roof at school in Stamford
Metal roof at a school in Stamford, CT

new construction flat seam sheet metal roof
Metal roof in church on Darien, CT

New construction architectural sheet metal roof
New metal roof on entry structure
Stamford, CT

Metal roof project in Stamford CT
Metal roof at a medical facility
Stamford, CT

Some buildings are totally covered by a metal roof. Others have combinations of metal roofs and flat roofs, still others only have sections of metal roofing. No matter what your building calls for M. Gottfried, Inc.’s skilled sheet metal workers will give you the quality installation you deserve. Metal roofs come in different profiles, different colors and are made out of different materials. By incorporating metal roofing into your project, your  architect or designer can incorporate different looks and colors that will make your building stand out.

Because we are a full service roofing company, we know the proper detailing to make your new metal system watertight. That may mean incorporating roofing membranes or underlayments in different areas of the roof or soldering flashings or double locking seams. We have installed many different types of metal roofs out of many different materials and look forward to using our skills on your project.

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As metal roofing specialists, we install metal systems from many manufacturers – Pac-Clad, Atas, Imetco, Rheinzink, etc., to name a few. In addition, our in-house sheet metal shop allows us to custom-form metalwork to suit your exact requirements.

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Sheet Metal Wall Systems

Residential project with metal siding fabricated and installed by our metal roofing specialists
Residential project with metal siding and modified bitumen roofing

Metal wall system installed by our metal roofing specialists
Metal panel wall system as part of a metal roof and flat roof project

Our sheet metal skills extend beyond the roof. To beautify and add flair to your building you can use metal wall panels and wall systems. Integrating metal wall systems with flat roofs and other architectural features can make for difficult detailing. Our office and field staff will work with the general contractor and your designer to make sure you will end up with a beautiful product that will also be water-tight.

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Trim and Edge Metal

Sheet metalwork also plays an integral part in the perimeter of a flat roof system. Whether the building has a parapet wall or flat edge detail, the fabrication and installation of the metal will have a significant impact on the roofing system’s performance.

We are experienced sheet metal contractors and are familiar with the proper gauge thickness, locking cleats, and connecting plates to ensure edgings are watertight and remain in place when faced with challenging weather conditions. M. Gottfried, Inc. is also experienced in installing manufactured wind-rated edge systems.

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Thru-Wall Metal Flashing

Concealed metalwork is just as important as perimeter metal. To help guide water away from the walls, thru-wall metal flashing is built into wall structures. This will help guide water away from the walls – keeping water out of a building.

Our custom metal shop can fabricate various profiles to suit your wall construction. Soldering and properly joining the metal work are no problem for our skilled sheet metal specialists.  We also install cavity waterproofing along with the metal to guide water out of the building.

Metal Roofing Accessories

M. Gottfried, Inc. can also install the accessories for the metal roof installation. Snow guards and snow rails are often installed in our region. We can add gutters and leaders to your roofing system whether it is for a sloped metal roof or as part of the drainage system for a flat roof. We have access to many styles, shapes, colors, and materials for these items. Book a consultation today to go over design ideas.

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